Vinyard Court - 1205 Vinyard Court - College Station, TX

Great Location.  Very close to Home Depot and all the new restaurants & stores in the area. 

Directions: Take Spring Loop from University Drive, slightly East of the Hilton.  From Spring Loop, take a right on Autumn Circle.  After about 50 yards after you pass April bloom, you will see a cul-de-sac on your right hand side called Vinyard Court.  It's the second duplex on the left.


  • 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom 1400 sq. ft. two-story duplexes
  • Huge privacy fenced backyards with deck
  • Bigger than most of the 4 bedroom places in town 
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Large open kitchen with all the appliances including microwave and washer & dryer
  • Spacious floorplan with walk-in closets and extra storage closets upstairs and downstairs among other amenities.
  • A large deck outside where you can barbeque or hang out in your fenced backyard
  • Ceiling fans, cable jacks and phone jacks in all the rooms
  • About 1.5 miles from campus and on the "Center Pole" bus route # 25
  • We are NOT a mega-complex.  You get your own private driveway.  :-)
  • After paying rent & ALL bills, your cost is still much less than even the dorms
  • EXCELLENT TEMPORARY SPECIAL. Call 979-694-0320 for more details.